My Name Book Tag (original)

Here do this works, with each letter of your name, you’ll think of a word that starts with that letter, and that forms your questions.
A- Amazing, a five-star book, The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult
L- Long, a long book, Camellia (Ellie #2) by Lesley Pearse
E- Easy, a fast book to read, GuRu by RuPaul
X-X-ray, a book that you need to read it’s meaning between the lines, Under Ground by S.L. Grey

J- Joy, a book that brings me joy, Some Assembly Required: The Not-So-Secret Life of a Transgender Teen by Arin Andrews,
O- One, the first book I read in 2019, Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything by Lydia Kang, Nate Pedersen

H- Home, a book that makes me feel at home, A Boy Called Cin by Cecil Wilde
A- All, all the book I read in 2018, 473 books
B- Best Friends, a book that brings me of my best friend, Kat and Meg Conquer the World by Anna Priemaza
E- E-book, my first e-book, Dating a Cougar (Never Too Late #1) by Donna McDonald
R- Re-read, a re-read, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli



To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Trilogy And Movie

Upon reading the first book in this trilogy, I don’t like Lara Jean (the main character) because I felt that she made life issues more prominent than they really were. A thought that came to me while this is that like Lara Jean’s letters we all post stuff online that we might regret that we published online in the future, posts that once they’re out there can never be erased.

Peter, on the other hand, is a playboy but as we see when reading the book there are times when we view the real Peter shine through a guy who isn’t as fake as we think. It’s like a wall that he puts up to protect himself from people. I admire the way Lara Jean’s father tries to keep the girls close to their roots and the roots from the culture even though she died. I love the growth we see in Margot from book to book.

Josh, Margot’s boyfriend and Kitty (Lara Jean and Margot’s little sister) were two of my favourite characters. The actors in the movie were very diverse. Is it weird that I love the gay side character? I enjoyed how much they kept the film close to the books. I gave the books three stars each.


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Talking To Another Transgender Guy Triggered Me, And This Is Why

Let me start from the beginning, not long ago Malta open the first gender clinic, and I’ve been referred to it so yay I’m finally getting the help I need. Going back to what happened. I was at work, and my best friend texted me do you know so and so? I said I heard that name before, I asked why and he told me that he spoke to this trans guy about me. He suggested that I add this guy, so I did.

This guy is super nice. He asked me if I have any questions that I want to ask him and I said not really. My main issue is that I need a new endocrinologist since the last two I had couldn’t get on the same page me, which sent me into a roll of gender dysphoria which sucked. He told who his endocrinologist is and it’s the same as mine. As soon as I read his name, I felt my chest getting tight and sweating, thinking about my last visit with that doctor.

Thanks to my luck start, my social worker was online, so she helped me process through the emotions I was feeling The lesson I need to learn is to speak up when the subject becomes uncomfortable. Also am the only one who hates comparing my life or body to other.


Firsts Lines Fridays

Peter Darling


The last image you might have of me is from about ten plus years ago when I was working as a gay and lesbian activist. At that time, I was also writing books (first Family Outing and next End of Innocence). Then I more or less disappeared.
In my first book, Family Outing, I described the events that led to a life-changing moment when I discovered that I was attracted to girls instead of boys, and drew the logical conclusion that I was a lesbian.

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The Book

Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man Goodreads


Bump by Matthew J. Metzger

This book talks about being a transgender man and getting pregnant. Let me make one thing clear it’s rare for a trans guy on testosterone to get a cycle because of a hormone imbalance will have to occur that happens when the dose of testosterone is changed.

David is a transgender guy who fell in love Ryan who is a wheelchair user. I don’t think there is a better book to showcase my life. I get told a lot that if I ‘choose’ to be a guy, I should give up on having my own biological child which isn’t fair, but like David, I heard from doctors and nurses. I love how supportive Ryan during the whole time even if he was fighting his own battles like fighting for fighting for custody of Ave from his previous marriage.

David and Ryan are already two of my favourite characters of 2019, I think it’s clear that I love Matthew’s writing topic and style and I’ll be reading all the books I find by him. Without further ado, my first five stars of the year go to you, Matthew J. Metzger.



Top Five Wednesday

Hosted by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes and Lainey @ gingerreadslainey.

January 16th: Most Disappointing Reads of 2018
–These are books you read in 2018, not only ones released in 2018.

More Than Friends (Friends #2) by Monica Murphy

More Than Friends (Friends, #2)

Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything by Lydia Kang, Nate Pedersen

Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything

Not Working by Lisa Owens

Not Working

Thirtynothing by Lisa Jewell


Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

Fight Club